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Updating July 2007....

Models on this site are samples of work I attempted with an old free version of Strata 3D.  I later found Blender, and learned some more.  Lately I've discovered Google's Sketchup application, and I've made some good progress.  I've done more thorough research on the lighthouse.

Motivation to model this particular light comes from the fact that I was born and raised in Biloxi, and the structure is a part of all my young memories.
Since hurricane Katrina ruined so much of the coast, the light has taken on a deeper meaning to us.

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Biloxi lighthouse modeling with Strata 3D

Close-up for study
from a photo
(Attn Sis)

3D model- Catwalk
Diameter too large

Full length view

t11.jpg (58784 bytes)
Catwalk with rails
Still too wide, I need
to reduce the width.


And now.. a new addition: Biloxi Light as modeled in Google Sketchup!
(Maybe never will be finished)

blh-a.jpg (27107 bytes)

Unlike the Strata models, Sketchup has no built-in
rendering machine, so what we see is the model
with simple materials applied.
There is no post-modeling work, such as enhancements
via PhotoShop or other editors.

For those who have the Sketchup application installed, this model can be downloaded and examined by way of Google's 3D Warehouse


Comments and advice can be left at my warehouse page.  Please let me know if you use any of my models for your own purposes.




A selection of details from the model follow this


The Ugly Truck
(Not made-up. We use this vehicle for 2 years)

ut1.jpg (26667 bytes)
In the early stages
ut5.jpg (27956 bytes)
View showing
fuel tank
glodome.jpg (15734 bytes)
Trying for soft shadows
with a fake glow-dome

ut4.jpg (15364 bytes)
Aiming headlights

The roof light

headlight.jpg (8000 bytes)
Checking hi-beam

The real Ugly Truck (Heald-Hauler built in the 1970's)
hauler.JPG (38764 bytes)

Kerosene lantern

kl1.jpg (84408 bytes)   kl2.jpg (86214 bytes)

Gallery of assorted renderings

circleweenie.jpg (19004 bytes) CIRCLE-WEENIE

Someday someone's
going to make a
fortune on this idea.
helix on glue-chip.jpg (249976 bytes) HELIX ON GLUECHIP

While modeling a
coil, I created a nice
glassy texture.

jar lid detail.jpg (95173 bytes) JAR LID DETAIL

I was trying to show
the mounting screw inside
the plastic ball

sandra-plank.jpg (94242 bytes) Sandra's Signboard

Using antimatter
letters to represent a
routed sign board

Any comments or critique are appreciated - please email me.

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